heka-py-raven is a plugin extension for heka-py <>. heka-py-raven provides logging extensions to capture stacktraces and some frame information such as local variables to faciliate debugging.

The plugin acts as a thin wrapper around the Raven <> library for Sentry.

More information about how Mozilla Services is using heka (including what is being used for a router and what endpoints are in use / planning to be used) can be found on the Read The Docs page.

This version of heka-py-raven is compatible with version 3 of the Sentry protocol. This should make it compatible with Sentry 5.1->5.4 and Raven clients upto, but not including Raven 3.5.

To install heka-py-raven use:

pip install heka-py-raven[protocol_v3]

Welcome to heka-py-raven’s documentation!

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